Orb Weaver Spiders on My Fountain Drink. 30x45”. Lambda print.

Banded Woolly Caterpillars on My Lunch Container. 30x45”. Lambda print.

Sail-Back Dinosaur Bugs on My Teapot. 30x45”. Lambda print.

Katydids on My Drinking Cup. 30x45”. Lambda print.

Emerald Jumping Spiders on My Soda Can. 30x45”. Lambda print.

Praying Mantises on My Soy Milk. 30x45”. Lambda print.

The piece titled “Orb Weaver Spiders on My Fountain Drink” is part of a series in which I collect insects in my backyard, place them on my belongings and photograph them; an ongoing examination of the conflict between domestic space and the natural world. I was inspired by a simple moment – finding an acid-colored spider crawling on my front door. I was stunned by the tactile confrontation between our two, very separate worlds. It was such a strange feeling seeing this alien invader occupying a place on our home; that sense that something was out of place stuck with me. I took a few photos of the spider on my door that day, but in order to capture the feeling of conflict, I realized I would have to bring it inside. The spider was an Orb Weaver, and I waited an entire year to capture one of its descendants. I photographed it crawling on my cup because I wanted viewers to imagine touching the spider in a way that could actually be inviting, much like Meret Oppenheim’s fur-covered teacup; heightening that fear of touching it, while affording the chance to witness the incredible beauty of this creature. These moments happen every day, just with greater subtlety; continuing this series allows me to revisit a moment that might otherwise remain just beneath consciousness.
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